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Short Courses and Summer Schools (SC) Students Welfare Policy- Policy Statement

The SC team will aim to deal with any student welfare issues as quickly as possible, whether directly or indirectly in order to minimise the risk/discomfort experienced by the student. Where the SC team is unable to be directly involved with the welfare issue, either due to not having the necessary expertise or it being an out of hours emergency, the SC team will ensure that students (and their host families if applicable) have access to the relevant contacts in the University or externally to help with the issue. In cases where the SC team does not have the expertise to deal with the welfare issue, they will support the student in a relevant and appropriate way to signpost them to a University of York team which does have the appropriate expertise. 

Short Courses and Summer Schools Students Welfare Policy

We have a comprehension student welfare policy which clearly outlines how we deal with a wide range of student issues. The policy is available here. In this document, you will find detailed information on how we deal with the following six key areas in which welfare can be categorised, there are:

Abuse (Verbal and Physical)(pg. 3-5)

  1. Harassment (racial, sexual etc)

  2. Violence (mugging, physical attacks)

  3. Consent issues

  4. Substance abuse

  5. Safeguarding

Disability (pg. 6)

  1. Additional support / requirements

Illness or injury (pg. 6-9)

  1. First Aid

  2. Non-urgent medical care

  3. Medical emergencies

Pastoral (9-11)

  1. Mental health issues

  2. Radicalisation and Terrorism

  3. Personal safety on campus

  4. Personal safety on CGP trips

  5. Personal safety during independent travel

Personal Belongings (pg. 11-12)

  1. Property theft

  2. Property loss

Emergencies (pg. 12)

  1. Missing student

  2. Death

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