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Student registration process

Throughout the initial process we will ask you for a number of pieces of information regarding the students and the arrival and departure details. This information is important for us so that we can generate the acceptance and visa letters, and so that we can make practical arrangements such as transport and plan for the students arrival. The sooner we get this information, the sooner we can put arrangements for your students into place and to send you the acceptance and visa letters.

Student spreadsheet

This document asks for student names, date of birth, gender, email address, nationality, and passport details and should be completed by the main contact at the partner institute. We use this to cross-reference the information students submit in the online registration form in case of errors. This information is also used to produce the visa and acceptance letters.

This is a link to an online form which the students should complete with their personal details, any allergies/special requirements and their preferences for staying with a host. When the administrator sends this link to you they will ask that you pass it on to the students and give you a deadline for all registration forms to be submitted.

Arrival form

This working document is intended as a checklist and should be completed by the main administrative contact at the partner university. It is often updated throughout the initial process prior to the students arrival with the latest up-to-date information. It details information such as: 

    • Name and contact details of lead student

    • Name and contact details of accompanying staff

    • Arrival flight details (time, flight number, airport)

    • Departure flight details (time, flight number, airport

    • Whether a member of CGP staff is required to meet the group at the arrival airport

    • Whether you require CGP to organise airport transfers

    • Drop off locaton of the group when they reach campus

    • First and last day of the programme

    • Whether the students will be aged 18 or over and if they require a visa to enter the UK

    • Dates of first and last nights in host family / campus accommodation / external provider

    • Details of accompanying staff members accommodation

    • CGP contact details

Acceptance letters

Every student receives an acceptance letter.  This details the name of the student, their home university, dates of study and that we confirm they will be entering the UK to undertake a programme of study. Students should carry this document with them on entering the UK and at any other times, such as if they decide to undertake European travel whilst they are with us on the programme.

Visa letters

Students from some countries don’t require a visa to enter the UK if they are studying and staying for less than 6 months. UK requirements can be checked via the UK Government website, however, many partner universities/students still prefer the comfort of receiving a visa letter for use on entering the UK. The letter details the student name, nationality, passport number, study dates and details of whether the student or the home university will be paying for any fees.

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  1. I will be arriving UK at 9th October 2021.

  2. I will be arriving at last week of this month.