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As a team we provide general HR and Payroll support for Cleaning Services.  We do this with careful collaboration with our HR colleagues and in line with standard University Policies.

HR Administration

All HR Administration for Cleaning Services (with the exception of parental leave) is provided by the DTEF Services Team. We hold the main HR files for the cleaners and cleaning supervisors.


We will coordinate the recruitment of cleaners from placing the advert through to appointment. We will shortlist the applicants and arrange interviews. We will book rooms and provide all the necessary paperwork for the interview. Following interviews, we will offer posts to the appointable candidates.

Where there are more appointable candidates than suitable vacancies, candidates will be held as reserves for up to six months with their agreement. As and when a suitable vacancy becomes available, we will contact the candidate to discuss the details and if relevant make and offer of employment to them.

Existing cleaning staff can apply for additional hours via the Allocation of additional hours process.

Contractual Changes

For any leavers the relevant Cleaning Manager must should submit the relevant Leavers form and forward this to the Deputy Cleaning Services Manager.

For any staff changes the Cleaning Manager submits a Change form via the Deputy Cleaning Services Manager.

Cleaners should complete an acceptance form for contractual changes. This will be sent out with their letter but for information,  here is a copy of an Acceptance Form.

Appointments and T&Cs

All new starters will be under probation - Probation form and guidance

Support Services (Grade 1-5) Terms & Conditions are available on the HR website


We provide the main point of contact for the Payroll team responsible for administering the Cleaning Services' pay (SALS2). We regularly work with payroll to ensure they have all the necessary information required for new starters, staff changes, leavers etc.

Additional info

For information about IT Services and the free WIFI available to Cleaners see the IT Services including free Wifi information sheet

If a cleaner changes their address this should be amended by them in the MyView System. If they are unable to do this then please let us and Payroll know so we can ensure that it is updated on our systems.

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