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DECS Services' Role in Training & the Different Levels of Training Requirements

Our team oversee the allocation and monitoring of mandatory training.  We also source and arrange much of the additional training that our teams require.

As a starting point, we have defined the different levels of training requirements. This is to enable the absolute requirements to be monitored effectively (click on each of the following for more detail)

The UoY Statutory training requirements.  These are automatically assigned to everyone's training records.  Alternative Tool Box talk versions are assigned for members of staff who do not use IT at work.  Currently, the requirements are:

  • Data Protection (GDPR) training package
  • Digital accessibility training package
  • Equality and Diversity training package
  • Introduction to Fire Safety training package
  • Information Security Awareness training package
  • Unconscious Bias training
  • Prevent duty training Requirement for workers who are teaching.
  • Autism Awareness
  • Disability Awareness (Currently unavailable)

Essential, statute or mandatory requirements for specific roles.  i.e  where there is a legal, H&S or compliance requirement for the individual role holder to have this competency

Role requirement.  Where there is no official, legal or compliance requirement but the individual role holder needs the training in order to carry out the full remit of their role. 

A requirement for a team.  When a certain percentage of teams or role holders need to have specific training.  This could be for either mandatory or non-mandatory 

Any additional training which could include, personal development, nice to have, useful but non-essential

DECS Processes for Booking, Allocating and Recording Training

Training for many sections of DTEF is assigned, monitored and coordinated, via our team.

Some training will be directly assigned, some will be available to easily access and some will need to be more formally requested. 

Click on each of the following for more detail:

Within DTEF, roles that have Mandatory or Role requirements have been identified and individuals who hold these roles will have a training record assigned to them.  Team requirements will also be assigned automatically.  

Completion of this training is essential and therefore will be robustly checked and audited.  Reminders will be sent to individuals and their line managers when anything is incomplete or outstanding.

Individuals can check on their training requirements via the Learning Management System system (Demo Video).  

Managers can also monitor the status of their team’s training requirements via this system.  Alternatively, line managers can view the status of their team’s training requirements via the Management Information System - Tableau (Demo Video).

There are lots of additional training options that may be of benefit to individuals or teams. Many are available for individuals to request or self allocate via the Staff Development  section within the HR webpages   

There are also further training options available that are provided from within DTEF or via external training providers.  The majority of such training is to support our roles that are specific to DTEF and are not necessarily relevant to the wider University.  These options are coordinated via the DTEF Services team.  If you are interested in discussing such training, please contact our team via  

It may be appropriate to assign additional training on completion of a probation period or following Performance Reviews as part of an individual’s support or development plan.

The DTEF Services team will, periodically, send out information to managers reminding them of training opportunities, further options and how to allocate these to members of their team.

Requests for additional training that requires a significant cost or time commitment should be requested via the  DTEF Internal request for additional training form. No training requirement should be processed unless this form is completed and authorised in full.

There may be opportunities to introduce or utilise a modern Apprenticeship within your team, or, in certain circumstances, offer college courses to enable team members to ‘up-skill.’ These options may be linked to an individual's personal development plan or be part of a longer-term succession planning exercise. 

At times, it may be necessary for specific but expensive training to be utilised. Our team will endeavour to source a suitable training provider and will undertake the required procurement exercises associated with engaging the right service. 

Should you wish to obtain further advice or guidance on such options, please contact our team in the first instance via  

Authorisation for such requests will be the responsibility of the DTEF Senior Management team and may be considered as part of the wider DTEF skills development and succession planning.

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