Support staff - new flexi leave and annual leave recording system - now effective

We are happy to confirm that the new system for recording hours worked and annual leave is now in place and is available for use by admin and technical support staff.

Admin and technical staff - you should have now completed two Google forms:

If you have not completed the above forms, please do so as soon as possible.

Please find guidance notes below and a link to the Flexitime App WIKI page

Two new meetings rooms available to book K/221 and K/222B

These rooms are not on the central booking system.
To book add your name to the booking sheet, see tabs at the bottom of the sheet for each room.

Biology K/2 Meeting Rooms

Room details

  • Capacity 8, boardroom style layout
  • Portable data projectors are available in the K1 DMT office area. They are located on top of the filing cabinets opposite the entrance to K126 meeting room. They are 'plug-and-play' - very easy to use, plug the HDMI cable into your laptop and into the projector, plug the projector into a power socket and turn on. There is a small stand that can be unscrewed from the front base of the projector to angle it upwards, the lens can be twisted to focus the image on the wall. Any issues, contact DMT for assistance. Please remember to return them to their storage location on the filing cabinet after you have finished with them for use by others.
  • Access is via a KABA lock, if you can't get into K/2 please make sure you have presented your card at one of the card updating points at one of the entrances to the department
  • There are 4 opening windows in each room
PDR Information

The PDR process has now been completed. 

For more details about the documentation/process, please follow this link to the guidance notes .   

Please do not hesitate to contact the DMT Hub Team if you have any queries about this process or if you do not think your named reviewer is correct.

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New Starters

Please join us in welcoming the following staff to the Department:

NameGroup/areaStart date
Alina CapatinaBrackenbury Group2 October 2023
Zoe IngoldHitchcock Group2 October 2023
Katy CornishBioscience Technology Facility9 October 2023
Staff Leavers

The following staff are leaving the Department over the next few months and we wish them all the best for their future:

NameGroup/areaLeaving date

Biology 2020/21 Summary Report and Highlights

James Moir has produced a Biology Report (20/21) based around some of the activities in the Department over the last year. We hope this gives a flavour of the Department at the current time, and that this will be potentially useful for sharing with industrial partners, collaborators and prospective students. 

Important Information
New Process for Core-Funded Departmental Posts

If you are involved with recruiting or requesting contract variations for staff who are funded by core departmental codes (i.e. those beginning with a number or with the letter 'M'), the Faculty of Science has implemented a new pre-approval process.  Please be advised you do not need to follow the below process if your request is funded by work orders - starting with the letters R,C,E,G,H,A,N.

The new pre-approval process comes into effect immediately and if you wish to advertise a new core funded departmental post or ask for a contract variation e.g. contract extension, change in hours etc you must gain Faculty approval using the google forms below before submitting the online Contract Variation or Vacancy Request form.

Form: Grade 2 - Grade 5 

Form: Grade 6+

Further information and an FAQ is available  under forms and templates.

Changes to ordering on the Stores Credit Cards

The way you place requests for orders to be paid for using a Biology Departmental Credit Card is changing from 1 August 2021.

The introduction of YEP2 has created some complications in the way we process these requests, so it was a chance to review the whole process. 

You no longer need to submit a requisition via YEP2/Agresso so instead please use the Google Form linked below. Also linked via the Biology Finance and Stores webpages.

On this form, you fill in the details of what you want to order, where from, work order and all the relevant information for Supplies and Goods Services (Stores) to be able to place and pay for your order. 

Please ensure purchase requests adhere to the University procurement regulations and that you have the budget holder’s approval.

University purchasing cards (Barclaycard) should typically be used for the following: 

  • Low value items from suppliers who will be used infrequently or as a one off purchase to avoid YEP setup. 

  • Purchasing goods/services only available through the Internet.

University purchasing cards (Barclaycard) must not be used for: 

  • Purchasing goods or services from suppliers already set up on YEP.

  • Purchasing goods or services where contracts or agreements already exist.

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Social Media

assorted-color social media signage

We want the @BiologyatYork Twitter and Instagram sites and the Department of Biology YouTube page to be the focal points for social media in the department and therefore we need your help to ensure our posts are frequent, relevant and interesting.

Our aims for the sites are:

  • To promote our cutting edge research and its impact to both internal and external stakeholders at home and internationally

  • To increase the visibility of the department in the external environment to support the development of external partnerships.

  • To use social media where appropriate to close the feedback loop on student feedback 

  • To use as a communication channel to inform stakeholders of events happening within the department and on campus

  • To aid in attracting and recruiting high quality applicants

There are 3 main ways that you can contribute to the Biology's social media content:

  • Complete the social media request form with information on any tweet or Instagram post you would like going out.
  • Include @BiologyatYork in any appropriate tweets and Instagram posts you make from personal/group/lab accounts and we will do our best to retweet/repost
  • Send an email to to let us know of any YouTube video you would like us to link to or host
  • See Biology web pages for the latest departmental news and research news

  • Professional Services Delivery update
    • For the latest information on the Professional Support Delivery (PSD) review please visit:
      • The central PSD webpage.
      • Our PSD review Google folder - this is a departmental folder, which contains the slides and recording from the meeting of 24 March. Other relevant documents may be added in future; please watch out for updates by email and in the Biology staff bulletin.

The University now has an organisational licence for Grackle, an accessibility checker for Google Docs and Presentations. In a Google Doc menu, go to Add-Ons > Get Add-Ons and search for Grackle to install it. A great feature is being able to export a Tagged PDF from a Google Doc, something we can’t currently do easily. Read more about Grackle

  • You can now add your pronouns to Zoom and Slack.
  • Moving to Zoom Phone
    • Unified Communications are moving all staff to Zoom Phone. You will be provided with a direct dial extension number activated on your Zoom account. If you already have a number this will be migrated to Zoom. You will be able to make and receive calls without cost from the desktop app, mobile app or by logging into a Zoom physical phone in shared areas anywhere on campus. Unified Communications will contact you when your account is due to be provisioned. Find out more about moving to Zoom Phone.
Events and Useful Dates

If you would like to advertise an event or have suggestions for other dates to include here, please contact



Thurs 7 Dec 2023 

18 Dec 2023

5  Jan 2024

Christmas Jumper Day 

Semester ends

Semester starts

This is Save the Children's annual event which raises money for children in the UK and across the world. 

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