General information

On this page you can find detailed information about all our core Departmental committees, groups and meetings, which are listed below in alphabetical order. 

If you wish to feedback regarding any of the meetings, or access former minutes/agendas, please contact the administrator for that specific meeting, who is listed under the 'membership' drop-down.

Please note that we endeavour to organise committees, groups and meetings in core hours, 10.00am to 12noon and 2.00pm to 4.00pm, however, on occasion this may not be possible.

Biology-Chemistry Planning Group

Once per term.


Meeting administrator: TBC

2 x HoD

2 x Chair DRC

Director of the TF

Lead – Biochemistry Module Committee

Teaching Coordinator – YSBL

Chemistry rep re: Biochemistry

DHoD (T&S) from Biology

For 2020-21 – Jeremy Mottram (lead, York Biomedical Research Institute)

Biology Equality and Diversity Group (BioEDG)

Once per semester


Meeting administrator: Victoria Ott

BioEDG Leadership Team

Betsy Pownall (Chair)

Angela Lipscomb

Lucy Hudson

Elva Robinson (Athena SWAN)

Alastair Droop (Data Analysis)

David Kent (Research Strategy)

Undergraduate Reps

Alexander Aksut

Simran Rai

Postgraduate Research Student Reps

Karla Cardenas Gomez (Ethnic Minority Rep)

Maria Pattichis

Postdoctoral Research Associate Rep


ECR / Academic

Ines Hahn

Daniel Jeffares

Technical Staff

Subedar Pandey

Support Staff

Alexandra Fox (LGBTQ+ Rep)

James Fox

Gen Res Team

Phil Lang

Chris MacDonald

Teaching Team

Gareth Evans

Louise Jones

Student Support Team

Calvin Dytham

Richard Waites

SAS Rep (as available)

Stephanie Ellis

Ann Mathe

Fran Oliver

Graduate Team

Kanchon Dasmahapatra

Peter Mayhew

Chemistry Department Rep

Leonie Jones

Biology Sustainability Group

Once per term.

Current and past agendas and minutes can be found on the Biology Sustainability Group Google Shared Drive. If you would like to see documents from meetings prior to 2020, please contact the Meeting Administrator (see below).

Meeting administrator: Louise Simpson

Chair: Lucy Hudson

All staff and students are welcome to participate in meetings. Please contact the meeting administrator if you would like to be added to the distribution list for emails and calendar invites.

Bioscience Technology Facility Research Committee

The meeting is held twice a year.

Meeting administrator: Victoria Ott

Chair - Deputy Chair of DRC - Michael Plevin

BTF Director - Peter O'Toole

BTF Lab Heads and Steering Group Chairs

  • I&C - Peter O'Toole and Ian Hitchcock
  • GBI Lab - Sally James and Andrea Harper
  • MAP Lab - Tony Larson and Neil Bruce
  • PP Lab - Jared Cartwright and Simon McQueen-Mason
  • MIB Lab - Daniela Barilla, Andrew Leech and Michael Plevin

Board of Examiners

Members of the Board of Examiners are involved in a variety of meetings at different stages in the academic calendar. At the end of each stage of a degree programme, the following meetings are held in Biology:

Module Exam Board - Spring term Friday week 8

Module Exam Board - Summer term Friday week 9

PGT Progression Board - Summer term (mid-term)

Ratification Panel - Summer term week 10

Resit Ratification Panel - early September

PGT Ratification panel - mid-September

Minutes from Module Exam Board and Ratification Panel meetings are available in the Board of Examiners google drive folder

Constitution of the Board of Examiners

See University Ordinance 6 for information on the Consitution of a Board of Examiners

For procedures on Boards of Examiners see Guide to Assessment, Standards, Marking and Feedback Section 16.3

Meeting administrator: Student and Academic Services staff

All teaching members of the Board of Studies are members of the Board of Examiners, as are the External Examiners; also any members of the academic and academic-related staff of the University who have assessed any of the students under consideration, and any other individuals recommended by the Board of Studies to, and approved by, the Standing Committee on Assessment may be members of the Board of Examiners.

Board of Studies (BoS)

The BoS meets as follows:

Week 11 Autumn term: Friday

Week 11 Spring term: Friday

Week 12 summer term: Wednesday

Agenda's, papers and minutes from 2013/14 to current are available in the Board of Studies google drive folders

Meeting administrator: Aimee Grundy

The University’s Ordinances set out the membership requirements within the constitution of Boards of Studies (Ordinance 1), all academic staff are members.

Department Management Team (DMT) Meeting

Meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month (no meeting in August).

Please contact if you wish to obtain agendas, minutes or any other information pertaining to these meetings.

Meeting administrator: PA to Head of Department

Chair: Head of Department

Deputy Head of Department (Teaching)

Deputy Head of Department (Staffing)

Deputy Head of Department (Research)

Deputy Head of Faculty Operations

Chair of the Board of Studies

Director of Postgraduate Studies

Director of York Biomedical Research Institute (YBRI)

Director of Centre for Novel Agricultural Products (CNAP)

Director for Students

Operations Manager

Finance Representative

HR Representative

Planning Representative

The Dean of Sciences (attends once a term where possible)

Department Research Committee (DRC)

Once per term

For up-to-date minutes, please see the following Biology Research Committee webpage:

For Terms of Reference, please see the following Biology Research Committee webpage:

Meeting administrator: Marie Fleming

Chair: David Kent

Deputy Chair: Ines Hahn

Head of Department: James Moir

Research Away Day Lead:  Pegine Walrad

Research Facilitator: Jane McCarthy

CNAP Rep: Neil Bruce

BTF Director: Peter O'Toole

Early Career Researcher Rep: Paul Fogg

Postdoc Rep: Katrien Van Bocxlaer

BGSB Chair:  Kanchon Dasmahapatra

BSF Manager: Haley Daniels

Management Accountant: Rebecca Ryan

YBRI Rep: Jennifer Southgate

Impact Champion:  James Chong

Ethics Committee Rep:  Will Brackenbury

Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Sciences: Jane Hill

Research Focus Leads: 
Ian Hitchcock, Nia Bryant, Jenny Southgate (Health & Disease)
Seth Davis, Katherine Denby, Daniela Barilla (Plants, Microbes & Biotechnology)
Dan Franks, Angela Hodge, Jane Hill (Ecology, Evolution & Modelling)

Department Staff Meetings

Once per term

All documents can be viewed in the Biology Staff Meetings Google Drive.

Meeting administrator: Louise Simpson

All Departmental staff are invited to attend these meetings, and they are a good opportunity to hear what's going on in the Department and at University level as well at network with colleagues.

Estates Group Meeting

Once a year

There is a rolling action list for this meeting, in place of minutes. Please contact if you require further information.

Meeting administrator: Carol Jones

Biology Operational Manager (Chair), Lucy Hudson

Estates Works Manager

Estates Operations Manager

Estates Zone Manager

Estates Electrical Technician

Estates Building Maintenance Surveyor

Estates Mechanical Engineer

Estates BEMS Officer

Estates Asbestos Coordinator

Estates Helpdesk Team Leader

Biology Deputy Operations Manager

Biology Health & Safety Advisor

Biology Horticulture Manager

BSF Manager

H&Q Lab Manager

Examinations Committee

Examinations Committee meet twice a year to consider examination questions/papers and also has a joint policy meeting with Teaching Committee in September.

Minutes from 2013/14 to current are available in the Examination and Teaching Committee google drive folders

Meeting administrator: Mike Nolan

Nia Bryant
Leo Caves
Sangeeta Chawla (Secretary)
Kanchon Dasmahapatra
Seth Davis
Darren Goffin
Pen Holland
Antje Kuhrs
Louise Jones (Chair)
Peter McGlynn
Frans Maathuis
Peter Mayhew
Patrick Murphy
Michael Schultze
Katie Smith
Pegine Walrad

Graduate School Board

Once per term.

Meeting administrator: Monica Bandeira

Director (appointed by HoD; Chair) - Prof  Gavin Thomas 

Deputy Director (appointed by HoD) - Dr Peter Mayhew

Director of Students - Prof Richard Waites 

Chair of Biology Board of Studies - Dr Gareth Evans

PGR Training and Development Officer - Dr Amanda Barnes

PGR Admissions Officer (appointed by HoD) - Dr William Brackenbury

International Recruitment Officer (appointed by HoD) - Dr Ville Friman

BBSRC DTP Programme Manager - Dr Betsy Pownall

NERC ACCE Programme Manager - Dr Dan Franks (DTP2) & Dr Kanchon Dasmahapatra (DTP1)

Biomedical Sciences PhD Programme Manager - Prof Paul Genever

Experimental Medicine & Biomedicine Research Group (HYMS) Representatives - Dr Dimitris Lagos (Head) & Dr Marjan van der Woude (HYMS Director of PGR Studies)

Chair of Departmental Research Committee - Dr David Kent

Departmental Financial Officer - Ms Fiona Scaife

Departmental Employability Manager - Mr Phil Lang

Student Engagement Managers - Ms Frances Oliver & Ms Stephanie Ellis

PhD student representative (elected annually through GSA) - Ms Orlagh Anderson

International PhD student representative (elected annually through GSA) - vacant

MSc by Research student representative  (elected annually through GSA) - Ms Megan Kerr

BBSRC DTP student representative  (elected annually through the DTP) - Mr Alexander Scott & Ms Evie Farnham 

NERC ACCE DTP student representative  (elected annually through the DTP) - Mr Jacob Anderson

Academic member of Research Admissions Committee - Prof Katherine Denby (tbc)

Student and Academic Services Manager - Ms Ann Mathe

Research Student Officer (minutes secretary) - Ms Monica Bandeira

York Graduate Research School representative - Dr Daniel Ungar

Health and Safety Committee

Once per term.

For current and historical agendas and minutes, please visit this Google Folder. Please note that this folder holds documents for 2022 onwards. For 2021 and older, please contact the meeting administrator below.

Meeting administrator: Gelayol Holme

Chair: HoD, James Moir

Operations Manager, Lucy Hudson

Departmental Safety Advisor, David Nelson

Departmental area ‘Safety Monitors’

Staff with specialist health and safety duties and/or responsibilities

Trade Union Safety Representative(s)

Director of Health & Safety (and/or representative) will be invited to attend

Representation from postgraduate students

Other members of the University responsible for certain aspects of the infrastructure or procedures

Horticulture User Group

The group meets quarterly to discuss horticultural issues across all groups.  Each group has a representative that attends. If you have any queries/problems then these can be either raised with the Horticulture team directly or through your group representative. 

IT Committee

Once a month.

This group does not run a formal agenda and minutes, however, actions are added to the rolling actions list above on a monthly basis so people can be aware of the activities being prioritsed/discussed.

Angela Lipscomb (DHFO) Chair

Pen Holland (DHoD Teaching) Student Support/Infrastructure

David Nelmes (Dept IT)

Emma Barnes (Research IT & Faculty IT)

Gareth Walker (PDLT Team)

Richard Fuller (Asst IT Director Infrastructure)

Alastair Droop (TF/Bioinformatics)

Colin Beale (Ecology Research Groups)

Dan Jeffares (Bioinformatics/data Sci Research)

Andrea Harper - CNAP Rep

Ines Hahn (BioMed Rep)

Emma Rand (Data Sci Teaching)

Placements and Employability Group

Programme Committees: Biology, Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences

Autumn Term week 5
Spring Term week 9
Summer Term 11

Minutes from 2013/14 to current are available in the relevant Module Committee google drive folders

Meeting administrators:

Biology - Lizzie Millican
Biochemistry - Aimee Grundy
Biomedical Sciences - Mike Nolan


Biology - Pen Holland
Biochemistry - Set Chong
Biomedical Sciences - Paul Pryor


All members of academic staff in Biology, and relevant staff from Departments

contributing to Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences teaching should attend and consider
themselves member of at least one Module
Recruitment and Admissions Committee

4 times per year - January, April, late May/early June and early October

Meeting administrator: Fran Oliver

Richard Waites (Chair)

Stephanie Ellis

Rachel Hope

Dave Boucher

Patrick Murphy

Darren Goffin

Tony Wilkinson

Staff Committee

Once per term.

Meeting administrator: Gelayol Holme

Chair: Department Manager

All teams/corridors in Biology have been asked to nominate a representative who will be responsible for bringing points for discussion and giving feedback to their teams.  This is a development opportunity for staff and a chance for better two way communication. The current membership list can be found here, but please contact the meeting administrator to add/remove staff from the membership list.

Teaching Committee

Teaching Committee meets as follows:

Joint meeting with Examinations Committee in September each year

Week 8 Autumn term

Week 10 Spring term

Summer term if required

Agendas, papers and minutes from 2013/14 to current are available in the Teaching Committee google drive folders

Meeting administrator: TBC


Associate Head of Department (internal)

Director Teaching and Learning

Chair of Biology BoS

Associate Chair of Biology BoS

Biology Student Services Manager

Chair of each Module Committee

Chair of Examinations Committee

Quality Officer

Senior Admissions Tutor


Teaching Excellence Committee

Twice per year: January/February and June/July.


Meeting administrator: SAS Manager/Department Manager

Chair: Deputy Head of Department (T&S)

Head of Department

Department Manager

Director of Students

Chair of Board of Studies

Chair of Teaching Committee

Teaching Quality Officer

Chair of Exams Committee

Programme Leaders for Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences, MSc programmes

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