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Who are the DMT?

Department Management Team (DMT) is the senior leadership team within Biology. 

  • The purpose of the DMT is to support the Head of Department (HoD) in the development of the strategic, academic and financial plans of the department.
  • Various committees of the department develop action plans to support the strategy and are responsible to the DMT for monitoring and reporting on delivery.
  • These are the staff who attend the monthly DMT meeting. They are joined by staff representatives from the Faculty, Human Resources, Finance Management Accountant and Planning Office.
Head of Department

Professor James Moir - B/K/121 - ext. 8677

Administrative support: Louise Simpson

Deputy Head of Department (Research)

David Kent staff profile

Dr David Kent - B/Q107 - ext. 8847

Administrative support: Sophie Stewart

Deputy Head of Department (Staff)

Prof Betsy Pownall - B/L220 ext. 8692

Administrative support: Claire Hughes

Deputy Head of Department (Teaching)

Dr Pen Holland - B/K/123 ext. 8555

Administrative support: Claire Hughes

Chair of the Board of Studies

Dr Gareth Evans - B/D/101A - ext. 8571

Administrative support: Louise Simpson

Director of the York Biomedical Research Institute (YBRI)

Professor Jeremy Mottram - B/H/112 - ext. 8869

Administrative support: Victoria Ott

Director of CNAP

Professor Neil Bruce - B/M/219 - ext. 8777

Administrative support: Margaret Cafferky

Director for Students

Professor Richard Waites - B/T/216 - ext. 8684

Administrative support: Gelayol Holme

Director of Postgraduate Research

Dr Kanchon Dasmahapatra - B/J101 - ext. 8635

Administrative support: Victoria Ott

Department Manager

Angela Lipscomb - B/K/122 - ext. 8757

Administrative support: Biology DMT Hub

Director for External Engagement

Dr Colin Beale - BS/219 - ext. 8615

Administrative support: Biology DMT Hub

Chair of Teaching Committee

Dr Louise Jones - B/T/214 - ext. 8695

Administrative support: Biology DMT Hub

Operations Manager

Lucy Hudson - B/K/134 - ext. 8745

Administrative support: Louise Simpson

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