Providing services, equipment & building requirements to support teaching & research in the Department of Biology

  • For information on room and event bookings, please see the 'Room and events booking' section of the Useful information Wiki page
  • High Speed and Ultra centrifuge booking and recharges are now via Infinity Idea Elan. Further information on how to register for IdeaElan and request access to the biology infrastructure facility to access Centrifuge booking is in this document.
  • XoGraph Film Processor (Film processor; X-Ray Konica Xograph X4) is now no longer on a booking system, please use as and when you need it, free of charge. The Xograph is located in B/E/118
Infrastructure Team: Ext 8591

Katy Hyde (Term-time only: Mon-Thur)

Stephen Spyers Ashby (Not Wednesdays)

Michael Hicks (HYMS Technician focused on H/Q/J2)

Rebecca Stokes (Apprentice Laboratory Technician, at College on Thursdays) 

Franklin Whiteman

Our email is

Operations Team

Our email is

Please send any issues, questions, requests to this address to ensure a prompt reply

Operations Manager

Lucy Hudson

B/K/134 (Mon-Fri) Extn: 8745

Deputy Operations Manager

James Fox

B/F/010 (Mon-Fri) Extn: 8521

H&Q Blocks & J2 HYMS Skin Centre Laboratory Manager

Marie-Christine Labarthe-Last

B/F/010 (Mon-Fri) Extn: 8867

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