Postdoctoral Researcher Career Journey 2022/23 - support and resources available for your career development and planning.

University training opportunities

The University's Building Research and Innovation Capacity Team aims to equip researchers with the skills, expertise, environment and culture in which they and their research can flourish. This includes a number of training courses and they also send out regular newsletters to researchers.

Previous Environment & Geography Early Career Researchers have recommended the following courses:

  • How to Write Your First Grant Proposal
  • Leading and Chairing Meetings

  • Facilitation Skills

  • Partnerships, Networking and Communicating with Partners.

There are also other department-level courses around the university which may be of interest, such as:

  • Coding workshops in the Physics department, every other Monday

External training

Vitae is an organisation that provides supporting the professional development of researchers. Vitae provides support and resources for your professional development and has four aims:

  • Influence the development and implementation of effective policy relating to researcher development
  • Enhance higher education provision to train and develop researchers
  • Empower researchers to make an impact in their careers
  • Evidence the impact of professional and career development support for researchers.

The Vitae Researcher Development Framework is for you if you are doing a doctorate, are a member of research staff, pursuing an academic career or thinking about applying the skills developed during your PhD in another career. The Framework can help you to plan your development to ensure that you are covering the range of skills needed for your future career.

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