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Our project toolkit has been designed to guide you through the stages of a project. In thinking about the design, we came up with the idea of seeing projects through the lense of a 'flight'. 

Our hope is that this toolkit will give staff at all levels of the University the means of planning and delivering projects to ensure as far as possible, the benefits are realised. 

Any project management system should be able to cope with different sizes and levels of projects. This toolkit aims to do just that, scale up or down depending on the project need. 


Setting the Scene

To start your Project Management journey, click on the image below to launch our flight Prezi





Project Phases

Click the links below for more about the activities involved in each flight phase and for helpful templates

Flight Icon

Link to Flight Phase

Phase Description

01 Pre Flight

An idea for a project has been born

 02 Boarding

Getting ready for take off

 03 Take Off

Starting the ascent

04 In Flight

Take control of your flight

05 Landing

Navigating the descent






















How to use this toolkit

Why not take a look at the supporting Wiki pages which you can access below.

Each page provides more detailed information on the specific project phase including the phases core objectives. 

Aligned to each project phase, you will find some essential documents, some helpful documents plus some recommended top tips.

In each area of the toolkit there are links to essential and helpful documents. Each link will take you through to a document template on the University's Google Drive.

If you'd like to use a document for your project, please make a copy of it and save it in My Drive.


Business Analysis Tools

Throughout the stages of your project there will be opportunities to use business analysis to discover information.

We have also provided some tools to support you with this kind of activity.





















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