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You can enhance the appearance of your wiki page by using panels. Below are some examples of panels which you could adapt for use on your pages. The text in the panels shows which settings you need to change to achieve that appearance (leaving the other settings blank).

This is the default style, with none of the settings changed.

Background Colour: #E1EAFF

A panel with a title

Panel Title: A panel with a title

Title Background Colour: #737CA1

Title Text Colour: white

Another panel with a title

Panel Title: Another panel with a title

Border Colour: #737CA1

Border Pixel Width: 6

Background Colour: #CDD6FB

Border Style: dashed

Border Style: dotted

Border Pixel Width: 2

Border Style: groove

Border Pixel Width: 9

Border Style: ridge

Border Pixel Width: 12

Border Style: outset

Border Pixel Width: 3

Background Colour: #EBF4FF

A different panel with a title

Panel Title: A different panel with a title

Background Colour: #ECEEFF

Title Background Colour: #D8DAFF

Border Style: double

Border Colour: black

Border Pixel Width: 6

You can also insert a photo into a panel ...

Or a drawing ...

Or a short video clip (but you might like to make it more interesting than this one!) ...

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