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In the programme attendance at tutorials, practicals and advanced module sessions is deemed compulsory. Failure to attend these compulsory sessions will lead to the issuing of an EWR.  In addition, there is an expectation that all formative assessments will also be completed. Some formative assessments have been designated as being particularly important and failure to complete one of these will also lead to the issuing of an EWR. It will be made clear, for each module, which formative assessments are designated as being important in this regard.

EWRs will also be issued to those students who fail to complete the required quota of three hours per term of participation hours in year 1 and 2.

Receiving an EWR is a potentially serous matter. If you accrue more than 2 in a given term then you will need to discuss the matter with your supervisor. It may also prove necessary to inform the Board of Studies of the situation especially if other EWRs are issued during the course of your studies. If this arises then the Board will consider your overall pattern of performance and may then issue a formal written warning. In the most extreme cases, failure to address the concerns raised by the EWRs may lead to the Department recommending that you be withdrawn.

It is important to realize that all EWRs that are issued to you are included in your file. These may influence the kind of reference you receive when you wish to engage in voluntary work, paid employment, or future study. It is not uncommon for employers to ask about attendance and the ability to meet deadlines. 

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