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  • PhD Conference Travel Funding Procedure
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  1. If you intend to submit an application, please inform Julia Baker in the Department’s Finance Team. She will provide you with an M code.
  2. In your covering letter, explain to the grant awarding body that, in the event that your application is successful, the award cheque should be made out to “University of York”.
  3. When you have assembled your complete application and before you submit it, send an electronic copy to Julia Baker. Please also include:- 
    • the value of the award 
    • application date 
    • likely date of outcome 
    • travel dates
    • conference dates
  1. Please ensure that all conference travel costs incurred whilst you are awaiting the outcome of your application are coded to this M code.  
  2. When you know the outcome of your application, forward the notification to Julia Baker.
  3. When you receive the award cheque, consult Julia Baker again and she will explain how you should submit it to the University such that the funds are assigned to this M code account.
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