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Test Library

The Department houses a test library containing psychometric tests.

Unfortunately, owing to the cost of Tests, the Department has a limited stock and multiple copies are only available of a few tests. It is therefore important for you to plan well ahead if you wish to use a psychometric test, particularly if you think we may need to order test forms. It is not possible for us to loan tests to individuals external to the Psychology Department.

Library catalogue and ordering tests

You can browse the contents of the test library here:

Once you have logged in you can use the on-line system to check availability and request a test and/or record forms. Emily Greener (main reception) will  receive any requests and then contact you to arrange for you to pick up the test/s. Your signature will be required on receipt of the test/s. It is sometimes necessary to recall a test; we hope you will respect such requests when they are made.

If you wish for technical advice on a particular test, or would like to submit a request for a new test to be purchased, then you can consult Amanda Hickey ( who will try to assist you.

Published tests

Tests published in journals will normally be copyright. If you intend to use questionnaires or other response forms which will be seen by the general public you should ensure that they are used in their instructed format and clearly and neatly reproduced. If you plan to adapt materials then permission must be sought, and can be a lengthy process.

Terms and Conditions

The tests in the test library are very expensive (i.e., often costing hundreds of pounds) and must be treated with extreme care. We expect you to return the test as it was issued to you. It is also very important that you do not lend the test to anyone else throughout the duration of your loan. You must sign the test in and out yourself. 

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