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The Writing Centre 

Provide personalised 1-1 support in relation to the academic planning and writing process. Their Practical Guide to Academic Writing is a comprehensive resource with guides, tutorials and videos. They also run regular workshops throughout the academic year including Assignment Planning, Setting goals and “best possible self” and Writing and Citing

The Writing Centre

Practical Guide to Academic Writing

Workshop Schedule

The Maths Skills Centre

Provides personalised 1-1 advice and guidance on maths topics, statistical concepts and quantitative analysis. Their Practical Guide to Maths and Statistics contains a range of online resources and guidance for choosing statistical tests. They run regular interactive workshops throughout the academic year including Choosing a statistical test, Statistical Wellbeing: Strategies for Studying Statistics Successfully and Getting started with SPSS.

Maths Skills Centre 

Practical Guide to Maths and Statistics

Workshop Schedule

Library Skills Guides

Here you can find videos, interactive tutorials and links to help you develop your academic skills.  These skills include:

Researching, collaborating, organising, critical thinking and communicating.  

Library Skills Guides

Departmental Academic Skills Support

Students in our Department have access to the Academic Skills VLE page which provides comprehensive support for relevant skills 

VLE Academic Skills Page

Exceptional Circumstances 

These links provide information on Exceptional Circumstances from the University and the department.  This includes information on ‘Self-Certification’ and ‘Evidenced’ exceptional circumstances applications.

For details on how to apply for exceptional circumstances, the best link to use is the departments wiki page.  

UoY ECA Webpages

UoY ECA Policy PDF

Psychology Department ECA Wiki Page

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