For students considering the standard DClin course, the following roles will put them in a good place to apply in a few years:

  • Research assistant / PhD positions on clinically relevant topics / populations (see;
  • Assistant Psychologist post (increasingly rare),
  • Well-being practitioner (delivering CBT)
  • Paid non-clinical job and continuing voluntary work relevant to clinical psychology
  • MSc in Clinical Psychology or a related field, particularly if your UG grades are relatively poor and you need to show good academic performance

Assistant Psychologist vacancies and other related posts are advertised in the following:

Applications to clinical psychology training are made at

For further information and advice see the following books (both in the JB Morrell library):

  • Clinical Psychology in Practice, Beinart, Kennedy, and Llewelyn, Blackwell, 2009.
  • What is Clinical Psychology? Llewelyn and Murphy, OUP, 2014.
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