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Everything that goes on in the mind, the way we see, feel, remember and act, is constrained by the way the brain works.

Like other strands, the Brain & Behaviour strand runs through Years 1 and 2. In year 1, Brain & Behaviour runs through the Autumn and Spring terms, with each term being divided into two four week teaching blocks, each normally the responsibility of a different member of the strand's teaching team. In year 2, the strand again runs through both Autumn and Spring terms but also extends into the Summer term. Exams occur each year at the beginning of the Spring term and at the end of the Summer term.

Year 1

In Year 1 the aim is to provide a framework for understanding the link between brain and behaviour.  We will begin by outlining the principles of neuroscience and their importance in studying cognitive functions. This will lead to an overview of how brain and behaviour is shaped by an individual’s emotions, motivation and the social context that necessarily accompanies any human activity.

  • TB1: Principles of neuroscience and their importance in studying cognitive functions - Prof Tim Andrews
  • TB2: Dementia and the brain: A practical application of cognitive neuroscience - Prof Beth Jefferies
  • TB3: Neuroscience of Developmental Disorders- Dr Amanda Hickey
  • TB4: Cognitive Neuroscience Methods - Dr Silke Goebel

Year 2

In Year 2 the aim is to understand how the human brain mediates higher mental functions such as attention, language, memory and action.  We will explore what we can learn about normal psychological processes using different methods in cognitive neuroscience.  Finally, we will examine how populations of neurons act together to represent the world and control behaviour.

  • TB6: Brain mechanisms of Action and Decision- Dr Alex Reid
  • TB7: Clinical Neuroscience - Dr David Pitcher
  • TB8: Brain Mechanisms of Memory - Prof Beth Jefferies
  • TB9: Interoception - Dr Catherine Preston
  • TB10: Principles of Neural Representation - Dr Tom Hartley

Text Books

The Brain & Behaviour strand uses the same two text books throughout Years 1 and 2.

Strand Teaching Team

Professor Tim Andrews

Room PS/B105
01904 324356


Professor Beth Jefferies

Room PS/C022
01904 324368


Dr Amanda Hickey

Room PS/A/109


Dr Silke Göbel

Room PS/C107
01904 322872


Dr Alex Reid

Room PS/A005
01904 323169


Dr David Pitcher

Room PS/B109
01904 322864

Catherine Preston

Room PS/B/221

01904 322910


Dr Tom Hartley

Room C125
01904 322903


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