The University of York and the Department of Psychology have a number of regulations and procedures that students need to follow. This wiki-based Handbook is intended to summarise the full range of these, or to point you to the places where authoritative statements can be found.

Because we need to include more or less everything you might conceivably want to know, the content is going to be daunting at first glance and it may seem that there is a lot of information that you are never going to need. Well, it does contain a lot of information and many of you probably will never need some of it, but it also contains information that you certainly will need.

If you can't find some information that you think should be in the handbook please contact Louise Ward. Please also let us know if any of the information is unclear, contradictory, ungrammatical or just wrong!

Below is a basic list of the Handbook Contents. Please note, though, that if you are after specific information about your course, then the course overviews (which describe the overall organisation of your course and the different modules it comprises) and the VLE which contains information about the specific modules you are taking and is updated by the staff teaching the course are also useful sources of information.


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