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Internal and external mail is collected from the Staff Common Room at the following approximate times: 09.30 and 5.30.


Please see the IT section of the handbook for more information on York Print Plus devices: MSc Handbook - IT Services

The following printers can be used by any student in the department:

PS/Drum Ground Floor (next to the lift)

HP Color Laserjet E58650 MFP - Asset ITSMFD0558

•Up to A4 colour photocopying
•Up to A4 colour printing
•Up to A4 colour scanning to email

PS/C Ground Floor Foyer

HP Color Laserjet E77650 MFP - Asset ITSMFD0567

•Up to A3 colour photocopying
•Up to A3 colour printing
•Up to A3 colour scanning to email
•Automatic stapling

PS/Drum 1st Floor (next to the lift)

HP Laserjet M506m - Asset ITSMFD0535

•Up to A4 black and white printing

PS/A Block 2nd Floor (outside PC Lab)

HP Laserjet M527 MFP - Asset ITSMFD0534

•Up to A4 black and white photocopying
•Up to A4 black and white printing
•Up to A4 colour scanning to email
•Manual stapling

Lifts and stairwells

There are two lifts in the department. One is located in C Block (ground floor access is in the Reception foyer) and the other is located in the 'drum' link between A and B Blocks (the ground floor access is at the base of the stairwell in the 'drum'). Stairwells are also in these locations.

Vending machines

A cold drinks machine is located on the first floor of the central stairwell and a snack machine on the second floor. Any problems that you have with these machines should be reported via the number on the machine. Water coolers are located in the ground floor foyers in block A and The Henry Wellcome Building.

Electronic information

Definitive statements about the Department, modules and other related matters can be checked on the Department's wiki pages.  Although every attempt has been made to verify the details included in this handbook, you must consult the web and the VLE to find out what currently applies.

Staff pigeonholes

It is possible to contact faculty members via pigeonholes located in the Common Room (A002). Messages and mail for staff can be left at Reception.

Student pigeonholes

These are located in the B block foyer.

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