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  • MSci - Forensic Psychology
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The core elements of the Forensic Psychology Pathway of the MSci degree are the same as those for the other pathways and are covered here. Students opting for the Forensic Psychology pathway undertake two specialist modules in Year 3:

Applications of Forensic Psychology: This broad module will look at a range of applications for forensic psychology.  It will provide students with the theoretical background and knowledge of the criminal justice framework in order to scrutinise the contributions of psychologists working in legal, health and forensic settings. 

Forensic Psychology in Practice: This module provides teaching and practical experience in the fundamental skills that forensic psychologists use in assessing, interviewing and treating offenders, together with information on the theories and research evidence that underpins these practical skills. Attention will also be focused on how forensic practitioners can best equip themselves whilst working in critical occupations.

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