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Like other strands, the Perception & Cognition strand runs through Years 1 and 2. In year 1, Perception & Cognition runs through the Autumn and Spring terms, with each term being divided into two four week teaching blocks, each normally the responsibility of a different member of the strand's teaching team. In year 2, the strand again runs through both Autumn and Spring terms but also extends into the Summer term. Exams occur each year at the beginning of the Spring term and at the end of the Summer term.

Year 1

In Year 1 we investigate the processes through which our primary senses (vision and hearing) gain and interpret information about our world and how this information is organised, stored in, and retrieved from, memory.

  • TB1: Cognition - Dr Fiona McNab
  • TB2: Hearing - Prof Sven Mattys
  • TB3: Memory - Dr Fiona McNab
  • TB4: Seeing - Prof Alex Wade

Year 2

Year 2 develops a greater emphasis on higher level perceptual processing and more advanced topics in cognitive psychology. This leads onto how knowledge of the principles of perception and cognition can be applied in the real world.

  • TB6: Attention - Prof Paul Bishop
  • TB7: High-Level Perception: Dr Nick Barraclough
  • TB8: Cognition & Emotion - Dr Thomas Davies
  • TB9: Reasoning & Decision Making: Dr Aidan Horner
  • TB10: Animal Cognition - Prof Katie Slocombe

Text Books

Basic Vision: an introduction to visual perception. Snowden, R. Thompson, P. & Troscianko T. (2012) Oxford University Press

Cognitive Psychology. Quinlan, P. & Dyson, B. (2008) Pearson.

Teaching Team

Professor Paul Bishop

Room A118

Professor Alex Wade

Room PS/B103
01904 323171 /
07427 432364


Professor Sven Mattys

Room PS/C105
01904 323145


Dr Nick Barraclough

Room PS/B113
01904 323141


Aidan Horner

Room PS/B215
01904 324603


Fiona McNab

Room PS/C227
01904 322874


Dr Katie Slocombe

Room PS/B201
01904 322905


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