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  • PhD Handbook - Accessibility and disability support
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Open door and Disability Services can provide support, advice and guidance for those with a diagnosed disability, including: dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties; Asperger’s syndrome; visual and hearing impairments and physical/medical impairments, amongst others. All students with disabilities, including research students, are encouraged to contact Disability Services to discuss meeting your individual needs.

Please let the department know as soon as possible if you have a disability and may require any support. You can discuss this with your supervisor. Please note that even if you studied a previous degree at York you will need to notify the department’s disabilities representative again of any disability when you enrol for a research programme, as your support needs for the research degree are likely to be different than those for your taught degree.

The Disability Representative for Psychology is Dr Emma Hayiou-Thomas.

For further information, visit:

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