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The Research Integrity Tutorial (RIT) is a compulsory requirement for all postgraduate research students and must be completed prior to your first TAP meeting. The RIT is tailored to the specific needs of postgraduate research students and has been designed to familiarise you with the principles, policies and procedures of research integrity and ethics at the University of York. The tutorial is divided into three main sections each of which takes approx. 45 mins to complete and is followed by a short section test. After completing all 3 section tests you will receive a Research Integrity Certificate and your completion will be recorded in e:vision. The RIT will provide you with practical information for your research here at York and will be highly valuable in the development of your academic career.

The Research Integrity Tutorial is located in your Yorkshare VLE module list. If you have trouble accessing the tutorial, email

For more information and details of further support for research integrity to build on the core training provided by the tutorial, visit

Please note that completion of the tutorial is mandatory for all research students and completion is a requirement for progression. You will also find the information Security Awareness Tutorial in your VLE module list, which you are also expected to complete. 

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