All hand-in deadlines are 12 noon unless otherwise specified below

All marks will be released within 25 working days.

If you are having trouble meeting a deadline or are unable to attend an exam due to illness or personal circumstances, you may wish to submit a request for an extension, resit or deferral. For more information on this process, please see our Exceptional Circumstances affecting Assessment page.

You should aim to submit any claims in advance of the assessment deadline.

For a description on each type of assignment, please see the Assessment and Feedback section of the handbook

Hand-in Date



Semester 1

Thursday Week 2Research Design and Statistics: Practical 1CN, DCN, DDCP
Thursday Week 3Research Design and Statistics: Practical 2CN, DCN, DDCP
Thursday Week 4Research Design and Statistics: Practical 3CN, DCN, DDCP
Thursday Week 5Research Design and Statistics: Practical 4CN, DCN, DDCP
Monday Week 7Clinical Practice in Developmental Disorders: Self-reflection Essay


Thursday Week 6Research Design and Statistics: Practical 5CN, DCN, DDCP
Thursday Week 7Research Design and Statistics: Practical 6CN, DCN, DDCP
Thursday Week 8Research Design and Statistics: Practical 7CN, DCN, DDCP
Thursday Week 9Research Design and Statistics: Practical 8CN, DCN, DDCP
Monday Week 11Principles of Cognitive Neuroscience: Research Design ReportCN, DCN

Monday Week 13

(15th January 2024)

Clinical Practice in Developmental Disorders: Observation Skills ReportDDCP

Monday Week 14

(22nd January 2024)

Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Literature ReviewDCN, DDCP

Monday Week 15

(29th January 2024)

Optional Advanced Module: EssayCN

Weeks 13-15

Exam Period 

Research Design and Statistics: MCQ ExamCN, DCN, DDCP
Principles of Cognitive Neuroscience: MCQ ExamCN, DCN
Semester 2
Monday Week 6Assessment and Treatment of Developmental Disorders: Psychometric Tests CourseworkDDCP
Monday Week 11Assessment and Treatment of Developmental Disorders: Treatment Leaflet & Reflective PortfolioDDCP

Monday Revision Week  

(13th May 2024)

Introduction to Programming: CourseworkCN

Monday Week 14

(27th May 2024)

Data Analysis in Neuroimaging: Practical ReportCN, DCN
Developmental Educational Neuroscience: Literature ReviewDCN, DDCP
Clinical Research Methods: Systematic ReviewDDCP (+DCN optional)

Monday Week 15

(3rd June 2024)

Optional Advanced Module: EssayCN, DCN

Weeks 13-15

Exam Period 

Introduction to Programming: ExamCN

Summer Semester

Week 12

(26th August 2024)

MSc Project & PosterCN, DCN, DDCP

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