The University applies the following mark scale to undergraduate work:

First-class Honours: 70-100

Upper second-class Honours: 60-69

Lower second-class Honours: 50-59

Third-class Honours: 40-49

Fail: 0-39

A different mark scale is used for masters-level modules, including any taken as part of an undergraduate programme  The pass mark for masters-level modules is 50.  If you are on an Integrated Masters programme, you will have to undertake some masters-level modules in the later stages of your programme.  Some modules at this level may also be available as options in some Bachelor's programmes.  You should be aware of the higher level and pass mark for such modules when deciding whether to take them as options.

To graduate with a 'first with distinction' also known as a 'starred first' you need to achieve a minimum overall weighted average of 75% in all marks contributing to the final award.

For information on calculating your degree classification, see the Student Guide to the University’s Rules for Progression and Award in Undergraduate Programmes.


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