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Course Reps are elected by students in their departmental year group to represent the views and interests of students on department committees and within the Students' Union. You can go to them with any concerns or suggestions about how the department or aspects of your programme are run. You can access a list of the current academic year's course reps here

Programme representation is a partnership between YUSU and University Departments.  Together, we aim to ensure that students contribute directly to the process of reviewing, maintaining and enhancing the quality of the academic experience here.

Responsibilities of Course Reps:

  • To attend the termly meeting of the BoS and to present students' items to the meetings and then to relay the information back to the students.
  • All undergraduate BoS representatives will be expected to attend the termly Staff/Student Forum.  
  • All undergraduate BoS representatives will be expected to attend the termly Departmental Undergraduate Teaching Committee.

We are always looking for ways to improve the programme on the basis of the experience of staff and students. For this reason we ask you to let us have constructive comments and criticisms, either by approaching a staff member directly, or via your representative on the BoS. We will endeavour to act where possible, and if not, let you know the reason.

If you’d like to represent the views of your fellow students and have a say in how your programme is run, why not apply to be a course rep? You can stand for election at the beginning of Autumn term.


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