Teaching at York is done by academic experts who will introduce you to academic subject areas, key concepts and outline your learning objectives. You are responsible for researching, studying and managing your own learning.

Independent learning means you are expected to do the work involved to prepare for lectures, seminars and tutorials and to produce assignments and exams based on your studies.  You will have world-class facilities and resources at your disposal and fellow students with opinions and experience you can share your thoughts and study experience with.  So make the most of your time and the opportunities available to you. 

You will need to plan your time carefully and be aware of timescales and deadlines for assessments, projects and exams.

We know that adjusting to new ways of working and having to produce work at this level in accordance with the many academic rules and regulations can be daunting. However, your tutors and your supervisors are there to help and we have further support in place through the Student Skills Hub to help you gain any additional skills you might need with rudimentary maths, academic writing and referencing, IT skills and languages. See the section below on Student Skills Hub.

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