If you make a successful claim that an assessment is affected by medical or compassionate circumstances; you may be permitted to sit the assessment again 'as if for the first time'.  This means that the original attempt will not be considered for progression decisions or your degree classification.

Students who fail the first year may be allowed to repeat the year.  Students in other years are not normally allowed to repeat any part of the teaching on their programme.  Repeat study will only be considered in cases where a student can show that they had truly exceptional circumstances which did not allow them to benefit from the teaching on their first attempt, and that there was good reason why the student could not have informed the University of the circumstances at the time.

For further information, visit: www.york.ac.uk/students/support/academic/taught/resits/

You will need to submit evidence of exceptional circumstances to qualify for resits and repeats. See 'Exceptional Circumstances Affecting Assessment'.

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