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  • Year 1 Deadlines and Dates
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All hand-in deadlines are 12 noon.

All marks will be released within 20 working days.

If you are having trouble meeting a deadline or are unable to attend an exam due to illness or personal circumstances, you may wish to submit a exceptional circumstances claim. For more information on this process, please see our Exceptional Circumstances affecting Assessment page.

You should aim to submit any exceptional circumstances claims in advance of the assessment deadline.

Autumn Term

Hand-in DeadlineFeedback Session
Monday Week 9: Perception & Cognition EssayFeedback drop-in session: Tuesday, week 2 (Spring Term)

 Research Methods Portfolio Assignments


1. Thursday Week 3: VLE - Excel Training Task

2. Thursday Week 4: Cola Report (Taste Preference Experiment)
3. Thursday Week 5: VLE - Library Quiz
4. Thursday Week 6: Essay Plan 
5. Thursday Week 8: VLE - Mendeley Assignment
6. Thursday Week 9: VLE - Referencing Exercise
7. Thursday Week 10: VLE - Academic Integrity

Spring Term

Hand-in DeadlineFeedback Session
Week 1: Exam Week  
Monday Week 3: SPA Practical Feedback drop-in session: Tuesday, week 6

Monday Week 7: Research Methods VLE Test 1

Test released Monday week 6 - 5pm

Monday Week 7: Development & Language Essay Feedback drop-in session: Tuesday, week 10
Monday Week 10: Brain & Behaviour Practical  Feedback drop-in session: Tuesday week 1 (Summer Term)

Friday Week 10: Research Methods VLE Test 2

Test released Friday week 9 - 5pm

Summer Term

Hand-in DeadlineFeedback Session
Monday Week 2: SPA Essay   Feedback drop-in session: Wednesday, week 5
Monday Week 4: Development & Language Practical   Feedback drop-in session: Wednesday week 7
Weeks 5 – 7: Exam Week    

Mini-Project Deadlines

For more information on the timelines for Mini-Projects, please see the relevant VLE module page.

Further Information

To find out more about how your work is marked, about exams and about feedback please see the following pages:


UG FAQs - Marks, Marking and Feedback

UG FAQs - Course Content, Exams and Coursework


UG Handbook - Assessment, Progression and Award

UG Handbook - How is my work marked?

UG Handbook - Feedback on Learning and Assessment

Our Policy

UG Handbook - Assessment, Progression and Award

Psychology Assessment Policy 

Psychology Statement on Feedback

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