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The root page RHPC:@self could not be found in space Research Computing Support.

R provides a number of mechanisms to optimise code execution and access HPC facilities:

  • language extensions for parallel processing
  • optimised parallel libraries and packages
  • multicore, cluster and GPGPU libraries
  • interfaces to other programming languages

Warning these pages were written for our old cluster YARCC.  The course content is still useful and the majority of the principles can be used on Viking.  We are in the process of updating the job scripts for use on Viking.

Using the R language module on Viking

To access the default version of R on Viking, simply type the command module add R. R can now be invoked in your session by simply typing R. Current releases of R can be viewed with the command:

Access the R laguage
abs4@ecgberht$ module avail R
----------------------- /opt/yarcc/Modules/applications ------------------------
R/2.15.3 R/3.1.0  R/3.1.2
abs4@ecgberht$ module load R/3.1.0 
abs4@ecgberht$ module list
Currently Loaded Modulefiles:
  1) sge/8.1.6              3) ics/2013_sp1.2.144
  2) CEM_Solutions/2014.2   4) R/3.1.0

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