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MATLAB Online Training

Learn MATLAB interactively, at your own pace, with MATLAB Academy™

Since January 2017, IT Services has offered additional MATLAB on-line training for research staff and postgraduate students.

MATLAB is a top skill listed most frequently by students at technical schools across the globe. Knowing MATLAB is beneficial for your coursework and projects in education and when entering the workforce.  

You can build these skills with online, self-paced training sponsored by the University of York for all postgraduate students and staff.

  • MATLAB Fundamentals (21 hours of content)

  • MATLAB Programming Techniques (14 hours of content)

  • MATLAB for Data Processing and Visualization (7 hours of content)

  • MATLAB for Financial Application (7 hours of content)

  • Machine Learning with MATLAB (7 hours of content)

To request access to the courses, please complete the form on the right.

These courses are funded by IT Services. If you are granted access to a course you agree to complete the course. We will be monitoring completion rates for the courses.

Request access

To request access, please complete this form:

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