We can now create areas on Viking to store public datasets that can be accessed by all users. The benefits are as followed;

  • Storage space taken on Viking from these datasets do not go against your quota
  • We can keep up to date version of these datasets and download the latest releases
  • We will keep 3 versions of the datasets (unless explicitly asked)
  • Users do not have to download these datasets themselves which saves disk space on Viking

If you require access to a dataset that has not been included on Viking please email itsupport@york.ac.uk with the following details

  • Department
  • Url to the dataset
  • Name of dataset
  • Date of data set creation

This is not an area to store local group data.  If you need an area for this please email itsupport@york.ac.uk and we can set up a group directory for you. We also plan to keep 3 versions of these data unless a user requests otherwise.


We retain a number of datasets in the following location on Viking


These are updated frequently. 

The location also describes the dataset and it's creation date:

e.g /mnt/lustre/groups/biol-database-2020/blastdb/2020-07-08

If you would like a dataset adding please get in touch.  If you find you do not have access please email itsupport@york.ac.uk.

Available datasets in biol-database-2020

  • Blastdb
    • nr
    • nt
    • taxdb
  • Genbank

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