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R provides a number of mechanisms to optimise code execution and access HPC facilities:

  • language extensions for parallel processing
  • optimised parallel libraries and packages
  • multicore, cluster and GPGPU libraries
  • interfaces to other programming languages

Using the R Language module on Viking

To show the available R versions on Viking, using the module avail lang/R/ command (note the trailing slash - if this isn't included, then the output will also list available versions of the Ruby language modules as well). Load an appropriate version with the module add lang/R/<version> command, e.g. module load lang/R/3.5.1-foss-2018b for R version 3.5.1 built using the foss 2018b toolchain. 

Installing R packages

To install a R package not as an administrator, type in the following: 

> install.packages("package_name")

Please ignore all warnings, the modules will be installed locally at:


If you would like a package to be installed for all users, please contact IT Services.

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