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  • The new York Advanced Research Computing Cluster - the Viking cluster
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The University of York has invested £2.5 million in a new high performance compute cluster. The new “viking” cluster has the potential to be a transformative resource for the University, and has been designed to meet a wide mix of research requirements. It is made available to all researchers, including students, and is free of charge to use. It will provide:

  • 7000 Intel cores

  • 8 Nvidia v100 GPUs

  • 2.5PB of high performance Lustre storage

  • High performance Infiniband networking

  • The ability to burst into public cloud services

  • Interactive compute nodes

We hope that this facility will attract the best researchers and academics.  It will also allow current academics to conduct their world class research without the overhead of writing grants to secure time on other machines.

The new cluster will be available for using in January 2019. How to access the service and some preliminary documentation can be found at: Viking - The York Super Advanced Research Computing Cluster.

User involvement

Open Consultation Sessions

In order to identify a system that closely fits all users' requirements, IT Services held a number of fact-finding sessions over the past few months. 

The first of these meetings was held on Wednesday 1 November 2017 and was open to all staff and research postgraduate students. A copy of the presentation is provided here for information: YARCC: The Next Generation.


To provide input for the replacement exercise, in November 2017 all academic staff and postgraduate students were invited to fill in a questionnaire describing their current and future research computing needs. The responses will help us to design a system that helps all academics and research staff at the University.

Further details

For further details about the new cluster, please contact Andrew Smith ( or Emma Barnes (

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