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Meet the team!

To find out more about UYMS assessment team, how to contact them and how they can help you head to Meet the team.

The assessment team are located in CL/A/074.


UYMS Moderation & Marking Policy

 Moderation of Proposed Assessment
Module Leader

Step 1 complete your details and the module code through to assessment occasion.

Step 2 paste the module outcomes into the form and indicate how the assessment covers them.

Step 3 complete the checklist items.

Step 4 send the assessment (with answer and answer marking scheme) and audit form to the internal moderator

Internal ModeratorStep 1 check that the assessment complies with the Module Leader checklist and initial the checklist as evidence.

Step 2 note any issues in the internal moderator boxes provided electronically and make sure these are addressed by the Module Leader and the paper is returned to you with appropriate adjustments.

External Examiner

Step 1 check the assessment complies with the learning outcomes and that the Module Leader checklist has been approved by the internal moderator and the forms have been electronically signed.

Step 2 electronically note any errors or corrections you wish to be adjusted by the Module Leader and send the corrected paper and the answer to the assessment administrator.

Step 3 review the Module Leader comments concerning changes made or reasons for not changing and make further comments if appropriate.


Moderation of Marking Form is mandatory for all marked Summative assessments from September 2019. Please ensure a form is completed for each assessment (including individual components) and saved on the Google drive folder alongside agreed marks.

Moderation of Assessment form shall be mandatory for all Summative assessments from September 2019. Please ensure a form is completed for each assessment and submitted to the Assessment Team alongside your assessments.

PG Open assessment template 21/22                                                              UG Open assessment template 21/22

PG Presentation template 21/22                                                                     UG Presentation template 21/22

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