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Annual Leave

The University’s annual leave year runs from October to September and the full-time entitlement is 30 days plus 8 public holidays a year, or 281.2 hours (38 days x 7.4 hours a day).

From 1st October 2021, all UYMS staff will use the FlexiLeave system for booking annual leave.  It is easy to do and allows you to clearly keep track of your annual leave balance.

Use the FAQs below to familiarise yourself with the system and answer any questions you might have.

 Why have we changed to FlexiLeave?

The School is moving to one system for recording both annual leave (for all staff) and flexi-time (for some P&SS), rather than the spreadsheet system we previously used. This will allow for requests to be automatically recorded in a calendar and will notify line managers and individuals when leave is requested and approved.

FlexiLeave allows staff to book and view their annual leave in a much more convenient and user-friendly way.  It calculates leave accurately, clearly showing how much leave is remaining and taking into account the Bank Holidays and closure days for both full-time and part-time staff.

 How to book Annual Leave using FlexiLeave

Watch this video guide on how to book Annual Leave

 Do I need to continue using the spreadsheet Annual Leave tracker?

These will no longer be used or maintained by the School, as all Annual Leave will be recorded on the FlexiLeave system.

 How do I find out what my holiday balance is?

In the FlexiLeave app, click 'Leave' on the top toolbar, then look below the calendar for how many leave days you have taken and how many are remaining.

 How do I cancel leave requests?

Please use the 'How to Cancel a Leave Request' guidance document to make changes to your leave.

If you have leave authorisation enabled, your cancellation will need to be approved by your line manager.

If you do not have leave authorisation enabled, you can cancel and amend leave without approval.

 P&SS - How do I record my hours and manage flexitime?

All P&SS staff have the timesheet feature enabled.  Some members of staff will need to record their hours and others may have the option to do so.  Please refer to the Timesheet and flexitime guidance document for information on how to use the timesheet to record your hours.

 I'm part-time and my hours vary - does this affect my leave?

It does not affect your leave entitlement.  However, it is a little more complicated to reflect this variable working pattern on the system.

Please refer to the Guidance for Part-time Staff with Variable Working Patterns.

If you experience any errors in your entitlement, please complete the FlexiLeave Feedback form.

 Can I sync FlexiLeave to my Google calendar?

Yes.  This will happen automatically once your leave request is processed or approved on FlexiLeave.

 When does the holiday year start?

The holiday year at the University of York runs from 1st October to 30th September.

The system will automatically role over into the next year and there is nothing you need to do to renew it.

 What about Bank Holidays and closure days?

Bank Holidays and Christmas Closure dates are automatically allocated within your calendar and allowance.  Therefore, when you view your balance (see above), this is the remaining number of leave days excluding BH and closure days.

There are 8 public (Bank) holidays in the year and the University has 3 or 4 closure days between Christmas and New Year. However, for 2022 only, there is an additional Bank Holiday (see section below).

If you are part-time, BH and closure days will already have been applied to your entitlement pro rata.

 How many public holidays and closure days are there in the holiday year 2021/22?

There will be 12:

  • Christmas Day (substitute day Monday 27th December 2021)
  • Boxing Day (substitute day Tuesday 28th December 2021)
  • 3x closure days (Wednesday 29th - Friday 31st December 2021)
  • New Year’s Day (substitute day Monday 3rd January 2022)
  • Good Friday (Friday 15th April 2022)
  • Easter Monday (Monday 18th April 2022)
  • May Day Bank Holiday (Monday 2nd May 2022)
  • Spring Bank Holiday (Thursday 2nd June 2022)
  • Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday (Friday 3rd June 2022) - additional for 2022 only
  • August Bank Holiday (Monday 29th August 2022)

When you look at your leave calendar on FlexiLeave, you will see that these days have already been applied as holiday (blue):

 Who is responsible for logging and monitoring annual leave?

Each member of staff is responsible for their own Annual Leave, in liaison with their line manager.

 How many days can I carry over into the next holiday year?

You can carry over up to 10 days. The FlexiLeave system will automatically send an alert to your line manager when the new holiday year rolls around, asking them to confirm and approve carry-over days.

All carry-over days must be used by 31st December.

 What if I have more than 10 days to carry over?

Additional days beyond the permitted 10 will be lost.  You cannot reclaim the value as payment.  It is advised to carefully plan in your annual leave so that you do not lose your entitlement.

 I have a question about my FlexiLeave account

If you have a query about your entitlement, please contact your Head of Group/line manager in the first instance.

For FlexiLeave queries, access difficulties or system errors, please complete the FlexiLeave Feedback form. and we will be able to traige the issue and refer it to if needed.

More information on the annual leave policy, together with an annual leave calculator, can be found at Annual Leave.

University Leave and Absence Policies

Information regarding all other types of leave, such as maternity, paternity and career breaks), can be found at Attendance leave and absence.


School Contact: Jon Fanning, UCU Dept Rep - (ext. 5035)

UCU is the largest union in further and higher education for academics, lecturers, trainers, instructors, researchers, administrators, managers, computer staff, librarians and postgraduates from universities, colleges, prisons, adult education and training organisations. The UCU branch committee represents members locally and negotiates with management on local terms and conditions for all staff, as well as advising and representing individual members on employment matters.

For more information, you can either contact Jon Fanning, or email Pat Poole, the UCU Local Association Administrator, at

Unison is the largest UK trade union for support staff in Higher Education. Visit Unison University of York branch or by emailing

Sickness Absence Process for SBS

If you or someone you manage, is unfit for work, please refer to the Process for Reporting Sickness Absence.

  • All instances of sickness absence for any member of staff in SBS (UYMS and SPSW) must be reported by email to the HR Contact at  This inbox is monitored by your departmental HR Contacts, Frances Burnell and Sally Pulleyn.

Actions for the individual

  • Report your absence to your Line Manager at your earliest convenience
  • You can self-certify for 7 consecutive calendar days.  If your absence is 8 or more days, you will need a Fit Note from the doctor, to ensure that you receive sick pay. If you have a Fit Note, please send it to
  • Engage in a return to work discussion with your line manager to ensure that you are fit to return.

Actions for the line manager

  • Report all sickness absence by email to
  • Your HR Contact will respond and share with you the Sickness Absence and Return to Work Discussion Form.  Please populate with the relevant details once the employee has returned to work.
  • Notify the HR Contact that you have completed the form.  As the form will be shared via Google, you do not need to download and attach it to an email.  Your HR Contact will be able to see the changes you have made.

Further guidance on the University HR webpages:

Learning & Development

Information on career development for academic, research and administrative staff can be found at University Careers. The University also offers a range of training courses and events.

The Professional@York scheme is a University initiative involving a series of events and development opportunities to celebrate and advance the careers of support staff at York.

For early career lecturers/teaching staff with less than three years full-time teaching experience, the University runs the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP) programme, more information about which can be found Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP).

Staff Benefits - Rewards Extra

All employees of the University of York are eligible to join the Rewards Extra scheme, information about which can be found at Selecting your benefits.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

School contacts: 

This role includes coordination for Athena Swan.

Further information and support relating to equality & diversity related matters can be accessed via the University Equality, diversity and inclusion.

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