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Welcome to the University of York Management School

Welcome to the team - we are delighted to have you on board!

This landing page aims to give you the information you need to support your initial induction to the School.  You may find it helpful to bookmark it for quick reference.  Using the navigation page on the left-hand side, you can find out further information about the School, which may be useful to your role.  If you have any queries about the content of this page, please contact Frances Burnell (SMT/HR Administrator).

Your Staff Card

All staff are issued with a staff ID card, which is needed for things like door access, printing and the library. Due to remote working, to obtain your staff card you will need to complete the online staff card request form.

 What access do I need?

Under the ‘access requirement’ section of the form, state that you require ‘the standard Management staff access, to include out of hours access to the Church Lane Building.’

You will also need to include your office number in the access section of the form.  This can be located on your induction programme but if you are unsure, please contact

 How do I collect my staff card?

On the form, you will be given the option to either collect your card from the Information Centre on campus, or to have it delivered to your home address.

 Do I need to include a photo?

Yes.  The form will guide you in uploading one that fits the requirements, but it will essentially be a passport-style photo.

 How does my staff card work?

Most doors on campus are accessed using your card.  Each day that you are on campus, you will need to activate your card by holding it for five seconds against the grey card reader outside most buildings.

 What if my office is in Alcuin C Block?

If you are moving in to Alcuin C Block you will need to take your card to the reception in Alcuin D Block and ask the Porter to encode it for you before you can access the building.

Once in the building you will find a key for your office in an envelope in your pigeon hole. The pigeon holes are located in the staff room on the first floor (A/C/116).

A user swipes their staff card to activate it

Parking & travel

Staff parking permits must be arranged directly with the Information Centre on Heslington West campus and more information can be found on the staff cars and parking webpages.

 What types of permits are available?

A variety of permits are available, including full-time, part-time and flexible use.

 How do I travel between the campuses?

A free shuttle service operates between Heslington East and West on the 66 and 66A buses. The 66 stops at Field Lane Car Park and is free to ride to any stop on Campus West.

 Is it easy to travel by public transport?

Yes.  There is information available on the public transport webpages.

 Is there secure bike parking?


Church Lane Building: There is secure bike storage in the car park.  To request a key, please contact Sally Pulleyn (Administration Manager).

Alcuin: TBC

Campus Map

Use the interactive campus map to plan your arrival on campus and to navigate between buildings.

Staff Website Profile

All staff must have a presence on the department website so students and colleagues can find contact details should they need them.

 Academic staff profiles

All academic staff must complete a staff profile form, including profile picture, and submit it to the

It is each academic's responsibility to make sure their staff profile is up-to-date, please send any changes to the School Support Office.

 P&SS staff profiles

All PSS staff need to have a headshot included on the staff list.  Please visit the School Support Office (CL/A/069) to have your picture taken or send a suitable photo to

Finding your office

If your office is located in the Church Lane Building, use the floorplan below to find your way.

Statutory and Compliance Online Training

Please take the time over your first few weeks to complete the relevant online training below (login required).

 Equality and Diversity
 Health, Safety and Welfare
 Information Management

Printing, IT and Telephony Support

The IT Guide is a useful introduction to getting started on the University systems. Any queries relating to computing should be directed to the Departmental Computing Officer Eric Swales in the first instance or contact the IT department for technical support on 3838

 Using the VLE

For support on using the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), please contact our E-Learning Support Officer, Jon Brown. 

 Using E:Vision

For support on using E:Vision, please contact the Student Office (CL/A/078) via or


All staff can use the multi-functional printing devices to print, copy and scan - your staff card acts as your printer key card and should be swiped on the device to access your documents. You can find a guide to printing on the website.

For large volume printing not related to teaching (e.g. brochures, conference packs), contact or Design and Print Solutions, our campus-based printing company.

Please note that the Support Office cannot support with general printing related to teaching.


To make internal calls you just need to dial the 4 digit extension number, a full list of University staff details can be found on the online directory.

As standard, all UYMS department phones are set to make UK and mobile calls only, if you require international dialing permission please contact who will be able to arrange this for you.


To access the University WiFi Eduroam you will need to login. The username required will not be your full name email address, it will be your University ID code, for example and password.

 New to Google?

The University of York uses the Google Suite for the majority of its processes.  If you are familiar with Microsoft and Dropbox, you will find both similarities and differences when using Google.

If you are unfamiliar with how to use applications such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or how to share and store items in the Drive, please refer to the Google Apps/Google Workspace guidance on the IT website.

The University also offers digital skills training on the LMS (just search 'Google training') and this is aimed at absolute beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

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