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Please feel free to comment on the bottom of this page or email if you would like to have any of your pets, links or recommendations included on this page

Lockdown links

A place where all your pets, big, small, cute, less cute, regular and irregular can be shared and adored by all.

Regular YTU competition topics and submissions can be found here.

A place where Lauras' YTU Crochet classes can carry on, with tutorials, patterns and project sharing.

A place where Sally, the unit's very own queen of the cocktail will share recipes for her favourites during her quest to try them all before the end of lock-down!

TV and film recommendations
  • Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes - Netflix
  • Killing Eve - iplayer
  • Coco - Disney plus
Podcast recommendations
  • The Guilty Feminist
  • Drunk Women Solving Crime
  • Happy Place

Book recommendations
  • The Handmaids Tale/The Testaments - Margaret Atwood
  • In Search of Silence - Poorna Bell
  • The Unexpected joy of the Ordinary - Catherine Grey
Covid-19 and Creative Social Isolation

A mental health network focused on the power of bringing people together with social, cultural and community assets, sharing some home-based, creative ways to support mental health during these unique and uncertain times, including:

-Migrateful Online Cooking Classes

-Secret Cinema

-National Theatre Live

Under development

Inspired by the adventures of Mrs Hog, Heather and David provide updates on their garden friends through night vision camera footage and photographs.