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Here are your nominees for the 2021 title 'YTU's favourite pet!'

Izzy Coleman's adorably fluffy cat Luna

Victoria Exley's cute double act Lily & Leo

Alison Booth's arthritic kitty Oliver

Sophie James' reigning YTU champion Roxy and her new partner in crime Syd

Rachel Carr's minature poodle Harvey enjoying the beach!

Kalpita Joshi's incredibly photogenic cat George

David Torgerson's Hedgehog!

Rachel Herdsman's very sweet guinea pigs Truffle & Pecan

Jude Watson's working from home helpers Jackson & Milo

Imogen Fountains beautiful cat Harris

Laura Wiley's yoga master cat Bailey

Jess Barton's suave German Shepard Max

Ada Keding's honorary entry with the gorgeous Ruby (who Ada is trying not to kidnap)

Laura Clark's savage 'pet' hermit crabs Medusa & Voldemort

Helen Anderson's absolute cutie (and star wars enthusiast) Millie

Katherine Jones' gorgeous family Labrador Indie

Alex Dean's adorable fluffball cat Salmon

Sarah Cockayne's beautiful dog Paddy

Sarah & Matt's gorgeous new puppy 'Keefe the Golden' Retriever

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