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Branching logic is used when you have a field/question that you would only like to appear/hide when a specific answer is given. To use branching logic, click on the double green arrows on the field you want to add logic to, as shown below;

If for example, you have a list of questions in which 'other' is an option & you want to know what that other answer is, then a field such as 'if other, please detail' can be linked via branching logic to show only when 'other' is selected. In the above image once the double green arrows have been clicked onto the below box will appear;


At this point, you can either enter the logic into the 'Advanced Branching Logic Syntax' field, or you can use the 'Drag-N-Drop Logic Builder' underneath. If using 'Drag-N-Drop Logic Builder' see below to see how this will appear;

Here you can select which answer you want to be selected for the additional 'If other, please detail' field to show. By clicking on the answer in the left hand box and dragging it into the right hand box, you are telling the system that if the participant selects 'yes' to other then you wish the 'if other, please detail' field to show so they can enter their answer. 

You can also use the logic <> ''  or !='' for a field to show only if a previous related field has been filled in. So for example, if you wanted to allow a participant to enter multiple dates for say adverse events, you could create multiple date fields and use branching logic to stop other optional dates appearing. Below is an example of branching logic which has been entered to stop following date fields appearing unless the previous date has been filled in;

Highlighted is the branching logic for the adverse event fields which will remain hidden unless the previous adverse event has been completed. If an adverse event number was entered into variable: ae_no1 (highlighted above), then the next adverse event boxes will appear (variables: ae_no2, ae_reported2, ae_name2 and ae_date2), however if the first adverse event number box was left blank then the following adverse event fields that are highlighted will not show. 

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