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An event is a point in the research at which data is collected, for example a patient visit. Designating instruments to these events ensures that each instrument is completed at its specific event time point.

To add a new event, go to 'Project Setup' and 'Define My Events' as highlight below.

The following page appears where you can enter the new events name. New arms can also be added if necessary for the research being conducted.

When you select 'Add new event' a unique event name will be assigned to the event:

This new event can be modified or deleted throughout project development.

If you are using the 'Scheduling Module', an offset will be required to define the number of days between events. If not they will be ordered numerically.

Instruments then need to be designated to this event.

To designate instruments to events go to 'Project Setup' and 'Designate Instruments for My Events', as highlighted below.

This page can also be reached through the 'Define My Events' page.

Click on , select the instruments to be collected at that event time point and then click .

These instruments are now designated to the event as indicated by a green tick:

This should be completed before moving the project to 'Production Mode'.

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