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1NLRNo Longer Required
2DNADid Not Attend
3NDCOnly for Contacts, means "No Data Collected"
4SWATStudy Within A Trial -
5Approach LetterInitial letter describing/reminding the intended recipient of the trial. Can be used to request completion of a CRF.
6Item/FormSomething we don't send out but may be returned to us (e.g the clinic/external might already have a stack of proformas with them to fill in and send back). Note that Item and Form are used interchangeably throughout systems and documentation.
7ContactSomething we send out (and may be returned)

Patient Reported Outcome Measures

9CRFCase Report Form -  document designed to collect the data that is described in the protocol for each trial (questionnaire)
10DMSData Management System (generally the trial websites)
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