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Logging in

Navigating to your Trial Management System will present you with the login screen.

To access the system you will need to use the username that you have been provided with. This will have been sent to you in an email and will not be your email address.

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Logging out

When you have finished your session on the system it is important to log out. Click Logout located in the top right corner of every page:

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Forgotten password

If you cannot remember your username, password, or both, type anything into each box and click LOG IN. You will be presented with a Need Help? link:

From here you can select the appropriate option:

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New external users

A new external user will receive two emails: An activation email and a login details email.

The user will first need to activate their account by following the link to the management system and setting their password.

After setting their password, the user will receive a second email with their login details - their username and a link to the management system:

Sending a user a reminder email from the Manage Participant page will result in them receiving the relevant above email.

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