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Can be used to add and update existing Sites for the trial.

The first page, shows a list of current sites added along with a form to add new sites.

Adding a New Site

To add a new site the user must be complete the form shown above on the right hand side. The Site ID cannot be changed once the form has been successfully submitted.

Upon completion of this form pressing SAVE will review the form, flag any errors and return you to the form to make corrections if necessary.

In the example below the user needs to make corrections to Site ID and Name(long). These are shown in a pop-up box and indicated with asterisks in the form.  Note, in the Site form for this trial Address and Postcode aren't essential for successful submission of the form.

Successful submission of the form will save it in the database and show it in the list of sites on the left hand side of the above page.


To edit the details of a site, select the desired site name in the list on the left hand side. This will open the Site Details and form and Current Operatives panel.

The Site ID cannot be changed once the form has been successfully submitted. However, the other field can be edited and the Site Details updated by pressing SAVE in a similar manner to site creation.

Current Operatives


Current Operatives is a section that belongs to the Site Details. Operatives can be added by pressing ADD AN EXISTING OPERATIVE, choosing the operative you wish to add:

and completing the following pop-up box, not forgetting to choose a Role:


To edit the contact details of an operative select the name person you wish to edit in the list of current operatives and the above pop-up box will appear, the fields can be edited and saved - this method is again very similar to the add new user method.

To edit/manage the operative role, select their current role(s) in the list next to their name and the following pop-up will appear:

You can choose from the list of unassigned available roles, and press ADD NEW ROLE to assign it to this person.

To remove a role, the person must have more than one role assigned, but if they do you press REMOVE and the changes are saved.


Operatives can be REMOVED by pressing the REMOVE button and entering a Reason for deleting  when prompted. operatives can be re-attached to the site at a later date if required.

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