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Once a CRF comes back in, it must be marked off in the system as returned. In the system, forms that can be returned are referred to as "contacts". 

In newer management system, you can return CRFs from either the Manage Participant page or the Record CRFs as Returned page.

Returning a single CRF/Returning through the Manage Participant page

Newer management systems allow CRFs to be marked as returned directly from the Manage Participant page.

Navigate to the Manage Participant page. You can filter the participants by overdue items, select overdue from the filter drop down list:

Select the participant ID from the participant grid. Scroll to the Contact Management table. Contacts available to be marked as returned will state "Mark returned" in the Returned column:

Click Mark returned and enter the returned date as stamped on the front of the form and click save.

If successfully saved, the status will update to "Returned" and the returned column will now state "Yes":

Bulk returning/Returning through the Record CRFs as Returned page

This functionality is only intended for Data Administrators and may be phased out in future systems.

If you have a lot of CRFs to mark as returned it may be more efficient to use the Record CRFs as Returned page.

Navigate to the Record CRFs as Returned page. You will be presented with a list of questionnaires that due to be returned.

First, select the type of questionnaire. Step 2 will be displayed. Using the questionnaire, enter the participant ID and click Add ID to list. You may add multiple participant CRFs to this list if they are being marked for the same return date.

After adding all required participants, select the date of return and click RECORD AS RETURNED. The items will be marked off and removed from the list. You can then repeat the process. 

You can view the returned date in the Contact Manangement table on the Manage Participant page:



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