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This is a generic user guide for use with all management systems. Functionality for all systems will be included here as a central way to keep information up-to-date. Images are for illustrative purposes, the visual appearance of Trial Management Systems will differ slightly due to functional enhancements. For a reduced feature-set guide for a specific trial or for an external user guide, please contact the development team.

A note on calendars and dates within systems

Unless otherwise specified, all dates should follow the format DD/MM/YYYY e.g. 08/12/2017.

All dates should display a date calendar when you click within them:

You can select the date from this calendar view, to change the month use the arrows. You can also click the bolded date at the top (in the image above June, 2017) to quickly view a yearly overview. Clicking the year that is now shown will zoom out to a decade overview: