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The department currently has four ANT Neuro EEG systems, some of which are available for general use:

  • One system in B114, maintained by Daniel Baker [calendar]. There is also an Eyelink 1000 that can be used with the EEG system.
  • One system in B112, maintained by Daniel Baker [calendar]. This room is a sound proof booth with no windows.
  • One system in B106, maintained by Daniel Baker. This system is currently in use, but may be available to loan out in future.
  • One system in the Berrick Saul building, maintained by Elena Geangu. This is the infant EEG lab equipped with video cameras.

Each lab contains a set of 64-channel WaveGuard caps, as detailed in this Google spreadsheet. The caps are a shared departmental resource and it is important that they are treated carefully as repairs are expensive.

All systems use various versions of the ASAlab software, which requires a dongle to run. Additional dongles are available for data analysis on other (PC) systems, and we also have some licenses for BrainVision Analyser.

If you intend to run an EEG study, please contact whoever is in charge of the lab to discuss how to go about this. Prospective EEG users should be trained in the department’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP1-3) by an existing user. A sign-off form must be completed and returned to the Department Health and Safety Officer before the start of testing. We also have additional safety precautions in place during the pandemic.

Documentation on how to do various things is provided on the pages below.

A final note: our ethos is to be as inclusive and supportive as possible. Please do ask people for help and advice. These wiki pages are meant to be continuously updated by people using the EEG systems, so please feel free to contribute and edit where you see fit.

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