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More sophisticated layouts can be created using the Section, Column and Panel macros.  To add a macro, when editing a page go to Insert, choose Other Macros... and type in the name of the macro.  Select the icon and insert it.  When editing complex layouts, you may find it easier to use Wiki Markup view instead of Rich Text.


The section macro defines an area which can contain columns.

Column A

The column macro subdivides a section.  You have have multiple columns in a section, using the width setting to size them.  You must use column macros within a section macro.


The panel macro defines a block of text visually, usually by giving it a different background colour or border.  These colours can be defined when you add a panel.  A panel can be placed anywhere - it doesn't need to be placed within a column or section, but doing this can help layout.

Column B

A second 50% width column.

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