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A wiki is a collection of pages that everyone can edit. You can use a wiki to create documentation, develop content or share notes.

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One of the most important features of a wiki is that every document is a living document, and because they are easy to edit the information in them tends to better cared for and more up to date. For more help see the Wiki Support pages or jump in and ...

Create a space

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  1. Unknown User (apbl500)

    Tom - you've removed the "Create a space" button, but now it looks wrong if you're logged out...

    1. Matter of opinion... you can't create a space if you aren't logged in.

      Incidentally, status messages are visible to anonymous ( interesting? ) .... having a bad day!!!!!

      1. Unknown User (apbl500)

        It looks like you're telling visitors to "go jump in the lake...!" Prefer to lose the jump in bit of the sentence. Or just take out the "Global actions" [Add a space, Feed Builder, People Directory] entirely. I can see how to do that now.

        I think I allowed anonymous users to see people's personal profiles, because I didn't like the blank avatars presented to people who hadn't logged in. But now I think that's a bad idea....

        Loving the space categories that Andrew's put in. Have been a fascist and changed info-dir to information-directorate. Can't see any way of presenting a word cloud of these... Space admins can label as they like so it's an uncontrolled vocabulary, which I guess is ok.... Hate that it forces lower case on entry and then capitalises the first letter elsewhere...