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  • How to create a space which is visible and editable to only a small group
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First, create a space:

  • choose Add Space from the dashboard
  • enter a space name and space key
  • for 'Choose who can view and comment on content', select only 'Me'
  • the 'Choose who can contribute content' should automatically be set only to 'Me'
  • click OK

Within the space:

  • in the Browse menu, select Space Admin
  • choose Permissions from the sidebar
  • login again to allow use of administrative functions
  • in the Individual Users section, start typing the name or username of a person you want to add.  If they've already used the wiki, they will show in a drop-down box, otherwise click the search icon, enter their name, select them from the list, click OK and then click Add
  • the user will be added to the user list and will default to being able to view content; if you'd like them to be able to edit content, tick 'Pages - Add', 'Blog - Add', 'Comments - Add' and optionally, 'Attachments - Add'
  • repeat for each user
  • click Save All. The space and all content created in it will now be limited to this group

On this page, you can also verify whether other users can see content and modify this - unless changed when a space is first set up, the default setting is for the group 'confluence-users' to be able to view content.  This can be changed by clicking Edit Permissions in the group section of the page, and disabling all checkboxes.

In future releases of the wiki this will be simplified, by being able to set up a group of users, and assigning permissions to the group as a whole.

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